New Workplace Consulting

New Workplace Consulting

400dpiLogoWelcome to Labourflaws – a New Workplace Consultancy.

The New Workplace is the result of a steady evolution in human capital management, the use of new technology, and the change in how we deal with human resources at the workplace.

It is in itself always changing and adapting to new social, technological, geographical and other changes that we are undergoing rapidly.

I help with the transition from doing things “the old way” to a new workplace which is

  • digitally connected and backed up by technology
  • a happy workplace low in conflict
  • driven by sustainable growth
  • passionate about new ideas and innovation


Who am I?

I’m a glocal tomlady who instills leadership skills in others. I’m a mediator who understands both the needs of a business as well as of its employees. I create a hunger for teamwork, output-based work performance, scaled solutions and economic growth.

I am an advanced labour dispute resolution practitioner with 18 years of professional management experience, specialising in digital solutions. My international background is in cultural anthropology, communications, media and marketing.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, I assist local businesses and organisations of any size with their needs; but I also offer my services online anywhere else in this world.

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