Why you should treat job applicants as clients

By Barbara du Preez-Ulmi. This article is all about why you should start treating job applicants as clients, how to do so practically and how you’ll benefit from making this change of mind. If you’re already using workflows and website/ app visitor tracking scores that help you categorise potential clients, which you’re then feeding back…Read more Why you should treat job applicants as clients

The dangers of hiring an empath

By Barbara du Preez-Ulmi. It is not about managing faceless employees anymore, but self-directed individuals. It is not about just logic and structure anymore, but emotional intelligence. It is not about isolated offline processes anymore, but syncronised digital solutions. Individualism, emotionality and digitalisation are the driving forces of renewed organisational design. How does this affect…Read more The dangers of hiring an empath

The dark side of peace: 9 ways to cope in conflict

By Barbara du Preez-Ulmi. Conflicts are great. Without conflict, there is no growth.  Every conflict is an opportunity to get to know ourselves better. Are you in a battle with someone at work right now? Or have you just recovered from a fight with someone close to you? Peace is not about preventing conflict. It…Read more The dark side of peace: 9 ways to cope in conflict

Do you climb the mountain to be seen, or to see?

By Barbara du Preez-Ulmi. I’m sorry, are these numbers right? I’m not 100% sure, I hate numbers.  One of the non-threatening leadership strategy tips for women, advertised in the latest The Cooper Review post. It got my blood boiling. Don’t take me wrong, I love their sarcastic sense of office humour – and as Holly…Read more Do you climb the mountain to be seen, or to see?

Retrenched. Now what?

By Barbara du Preez-Ulmi. Being retrenched sucks. Everything comes to an abrupt halt. I was retrenched myself in my previous life. And unemployed. And in-between jobs, waiting. And I volunteered. And I freelanced. And I started my own business. What I’ve learned is that whatever happens, you need to keep moving. Someone famous once said,…Read more Retrenched. Now what?

Cover letters: best and worst

By Barbara du Preez-Ulmi. Cover letters give you an opportunity to set yourself apart when hunting for jobs. Sadly, only few jump to this occasion. Equally disappointing: Hiring companies and recruiters who only ask for a CV, and nothing else. I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I’ve trawled through countless applications in search…Read more Cover letters: best and worst