Why you should treat job applicants as clients

By Barbara du Preez-Ulmi. This article is all about why you should start treating job applicants as clients, how to do so practically and how you’ll benefit from making this change of mind. If you’re already using workflows and website/ app visitor tracking scores that help you categorise potential clients, which you’re then feeding back…Read more Why you should treat job applicants as clients


Cover letters: best and worst

By Barbara du Preez-Ulmi. Cover letters give you an opportunity to set yourself apart when hunting for jobs. Sadly, only few jump to this occasion. Equally disappointing: Hiring companies and recruiters who only ask for a CV, and nothing else. I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I’ve trawled through countless applications in search…Read more Cover letters: best and worst

Why CVs (resumes) will soon be a thing of the past

By Barbara du Preez-Ulmi. I hope this article doesn’t flutter onto your screen in the middle of your writing or updating your CV, as that will trigger the immediate question of whether you should even bother. Recruiters, hiring managers and human resource professionals still require a CV when you apply to a vacancy. But that…Read more Why CVs (resumes) will soon be a thing of the past

10 avoidable slip-ups hiring managers make

By Barbara du Preez-Ulmi. Hiring managers are employees who not only manage an existing team, but also actively manage the hiring of new employees. While not all hiring managers source candidates and advertise vacancies themselves, they are certainly all involved in the selection of job applicants for interviews. They are key in conducting the interview and managing the…Read more 10 avoidable slip-ups hiring managers make