To my fellow woman

An open letter and pledge to all the women at work – please share, gals.

By Barbara du Preez-Ulmi. #myfellowoman –

sign language for "working together" - my fellow woman pledge - www.labourflaws.comWe will never create gender equality at the workplace unless we have each other’s backs. If we  strengthen ourselves as women at work, we need to do it for our own sake, and in order to create a natural balance. Our motivation must never be to put men down. 

  • My fellow woman, I trust in your ability to go beyond of what you are told you’re capable of, and I will support you fully in realising your dreams and goals.
  • My fellow woman, I trust your guidance, managing and leadership skills; and should I not agree with them, I will address my concerns with you directly, and not with men at the workplace to make you look weak and untrustworthy.
  • My fellow woman, I shall not respect you less than my fellow man. I shall not give preference to supporting men when it comes to promotions, incentives, or any other workplace benefit, just because I am led on by basic instincts of wanting to please the other sex.
  • My fellow woman, I will see your skills and contributions to the business or organisation as what they are, and not as competition. If there are areas of collaboration that will benefit the well-being of staff or the business or organisation as a whole, I will motivate you to make them a reality, and offer my help.
  • My fellow woman, I will celebrate your achievements, successes and positive inputs at work, and support you in your endeavours.
  • My fellow woman, I will be sensitive to your background, age, and ability, and not play you down if they differ from mine, especially not as a means to an end.
  • My fellow woman, I will not use any unfair and unethical tactics such as bad-mouthing, back-stabbing, flirting with men to try and influence my position at work.
  • My fellow woman, I will support you openly whenever you feel or are overlooked, mistreated, or disrespected at work.
  • My fellow woman,  I will shout out loud if I witness any form of sexual or other workplace abuse against you, and not shy away from showing civil courage out of fear or my own agenda.
  • My fellow woman, I will suggest, promote and support facilities at work that make it easier for mothers to juggle work and family, such as breastfeeding rooms, creches, or quiet rooms for peace and stillness.
  • My fellow woman, I will actively help create structures at work that support women in furthering their skills through internal or external professional and academic learning, in particular the furtherance of leadership skills.
  • My fellow woman, I will actively contribute to reviewing HR policies and executive practices for any unfair discrimination against women, especially concerning promotional and hiring processes.
  • My fellow woman, I recognize that we need to stick together if we want real transformation at work around the world. It is not about “us against them”. It is about strengthening ourselves so that we may act and be seen as equals.

Share this pledge via email or social media links below. Let’s work together!



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