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It does not  matter if you’re a B2B, a B2C, a start up, a corporate,  a school, a non-profit or anything in between: When we deal with people, our needs are fundamentally the same – the scale and range might just be different.


Light Conflict Prevention (Immediate Relief): Pure mediation and conciliation between arguing parties; conflict resolution. Avoid litigation cost, bad reputation and broken relationships.

Deep Conflict Prevention (Root-cause solutions): Revision of your current policies, processes and philosophies regarding people and productivity management in line with your goals.  Assessment of your workplace culture and communication.

Range of deep conflict prevention options:


Workplace culture - LabourflawsCulture Change:  desired workplace culture strategy; includes drafting of organisational vision, mission statement, setting of beliefs and values, setting up of growth accelerators; may include company handbook drafting, setting up of performance monitoring and staff appraisals, introduction of knowledge-sharing and internal L&D. Related blog.

Core People Management:  contract drafting (employment or independent contractor, freelancer), in-house talent management (training of hiring managers:  candidate sourcing and interview training including group interviews), staff appraisal process and training, performance monitoring and motivation (taking into account Millennials, Gen X, Boomers), skills-training setup and monitoring (L&D, R&D), setting up of on-boarding processes and probationary reviews, company staff policies and handbooks. See infographic on new workplace trends 2017.

Communication: assessment of internal and external communication, communication strategy, setting up of communication channels; setting up of communication policies, social media use policy, communication training (internal and service-oriented), drafting of  writing style and terminology guide, conflict resolution and mediation,  marketing and sales audience targeting, implementation of time-bound, solution-driven meetings. Use of social media: read blog.

Performance Improvement: assessment of workplace culture, core values and communication; reviewing of core job roles and seats; reviewing of operational processes; implementation or improvement of people performance processes, tools and methodologies. OKRs, rocks and milestones: read blog.

Operational Processes: setting up of operational and organisational processes (needs assessment, stakeholder collaboration, testing/QA, implementation, staff training and change management). How to create and curate processes: read blog.

Total Technology: needs assessment for technology/ software/ apps that help improve on and simplify people management and operational processes;  setting up and best practice training (for instance: Application Tracking Systems ATS, HR software, communication/conferencing tools, G-Suite for business, Internal wikis/Knowledgebase, eLearning Platforms, Business Process Drafting tools, Digital Marketing/ Cloud-based CRM and CMS solutions).

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I offer my services primarily in Cape Town, South Africa, but I can certainly assist in other regions in South Africa and internationally. Email to or fill in the form below to discuss.

As regards larger corporates or organisations with a need for dispute handling,  legal document drafting (including collective agreements) and on-site training, I work with my business associates  who are doctors and advocates specialising in collective labour law. Email to or fill in the form below to discuss.