What they say about me…

I am not someone to blow my own horn – I enjoy bringing joy, growth and success to others as a professional enabler. I am driven by letting my own actions and resulting change speak for themselves. But since most of you don’t know me, I understand that a note from people who have collaborated with me in the past goes a long way:

She has  brought in line company growth targets with team and individual “rocks” , and provided the business with invaluable HR-related assistance from writing Struto’s company handbook, formalising L&D/R&D and skills development, recruitment, to reviewing contracts and being responsible for the HR software used in the business especially in terms of staff review roll-out.Strikingly impressive is her ability to command a room and getting people on board with ideas and motivating others is an effortless task!

–Devon Bezuidenhout, Project Manager at Ogilvy&Mather

“Barbara has excellent problem solving, interpersonal and creative thinking skills and together with her knowledge of Labour Law I would unhesitatingly very highly recommend her to anyone looking for assistance with their  Human Resources or Workplace Relations. I have also known Barbara in a private capacity as a friend and I can testify to the fact that she is a person of the utmost integrity and loyalty.”

— William Thomson, Attorney and ADR Specialist, CCMA commissioner, former IMSSA director

Barbara is a born leader. Naturally she possesses essential leadership traits like integrity, trustworthiness, emotional intelligence, openness and motivation. Those traits make it easy to respect her, follow her and turn to her for advise.
Michaela Gabriel, Lumsing Technology LTD

“Barbara du Preez-Ulmi displayed an excellent understanding of the principles of labour law, as well as her more than above average competence in the labour dispute resolution processes – negotiation, conciliation and arbitration – which underpin the practice of labour law”.

— Prof CJ Garbers, Dpt of Mercantile Law, Stellenbosch University

What makes Barbara unique is that she is able to understand the humanistic aspects of what drives people to accomplish more in their professional positions.
–Mark Brown, SharpSpring

“It’s easy to be a manager, but not everyone could be a leader. I had the pleasure of working with Barbara, who was my leader at GraphicMail. She was encouraging, transparent and highly ethical. I also found Barbara to be solution driven, positive and one of the great qualities I saw in Barbara was being able to resolve difference in opinions on the spot. Barbara is someone I aspire to be.”

— Shane Joseph, Head of Search at World Wide Creative

Barbara, with her pioneering spirit, had a tremendous impact on the company success of iSMS. Barbara is a highly talented, passionate, reliable and hard-working person, with great leadership skills.
— Lukas Hofer, Marketing Manager at SolvAxis S.A.